IBM Corporation has retained some of the former SOC employees to assist with knowledge transfer and to minimize disruption of support. We’ve also added new leadership and talent to lead SOC’s modernization. As part of this transition we have already reached the following milestones:
  • We are fully staffed to support GoArmyEd, SOC Degree Network System (DNS), and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Institutions
  • We have restored Web access to core SOC Functions and will continue to add new functionality to advance our strategic vision for SOC’s future
  • We have streamlined the process for collecting SOC DNS Student Agreements with current SOC participating institutions


  • SOC Modernization Strategic Planning – Rollout of Strategic Plan by Spring 2018
  • Communication of SOC Strategic Plan at the Council of College and Military Educators Professional Development Symposium the week of 26 March 2018
  • Execution of Phase I SOC Modernization - Ongoing through January 2018 and beyond