Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) is under a new contract with IBM.
Our new mission statement and vision for the future are aligned with Department of Defense (DoD) Leadership’s goals and objectives of:

Improving lifelong outcomes of Service members by connecting them to quality credentials aligned with high growth career pathways.

The new logo reflects our mission of connecting competencies, credentials, careers, and colleges into quality networks that benefit Service members and DoD VolEd Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Schools alike.

The legacy SOC Degree Network System (DNS) focused on articulating two-way transferability agreements at the course level among schools offering the same education program at the same degree level. New networks will focus on building stackable credentials within career pathways across DoD MOU schools.

  • Aligned with growth career pathways & learning outcomes vetted with industry
  • Credentials benchmarked against quality indicators and outcomes
  • Vertically stacked credentials
  • Pre-articulated credits for prior learning assessment
  • Prototyping a first network in Cybersecurity
  • Working with industry, DoD MOU Institutions, and DoD VolEd Leadership
  • Expanding into new networks
  • Building technology to support modernization (e.g. automated workflow, secure data exchange)
  • Transitioning legacy SOC networks to modernized networks
  • Career readiness and progression planning
  • Transparent consumer information about credentials and their value
  • Increases visibility into the highest quality credentials offered by institutions
  • Uses technology to make SOC participation more efficient
  • Drives institutional focus on meeting Service member needs, which are shared by most adult learners